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Tag: Architectural Style

Posted on 09/05/2022
The most popular styles of American houses
When asked to imagine American houses, many people would struggle to pick just one style. The many styles of American houses have developed over the centuries to accommodate cultural, climate and lifestyle needs, resulting in a plethora of architectural options. While you can find dozens of designs across the country and beyond, some, like Colonial style homes, are...
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Posted on 08/08/2022
A beginner's guide to Italianate architecture
A fanciful and ornate category of Victorian design, Italianate architecture has made its inspirational mark on buildings of all kinds. Italianate style employs picturesque elements inspired by the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, featuring heavy emphasis on decorative accents and sky-high facades. What other style elements make Italianate architecture captivating and unique? Here is a guide to style’s...
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