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Tag: Architectural Design

Posted on 08/08/2022
A beginner's guide to Italianate architecture
A fanciful and ornate category of Victorian design, Italianate architecture has made its inspirational mark on buildings of all kinds. Italianate style employs picturesque elements inspired by the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, featuring heavy emphasis on decorative accents and sky-high facades. What other style elements make Italianate architecture captivating and unique? Here is a guide to style’s...
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Posted on 08/01/2022
Recognizing contemporary houses
While contemporary architecture can be difficult to define, there are several key characteristics you can use to identify contemporary houses. Everything from the building materials to the interior layouts can help you pinpoint exactly where a home fits in the contemporary style spectrum. If you’re interested in learning more about how to pick a contemporary home out from...
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